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You may add comments to any contribution by using the Comment Form. To start a new post please email us.

Guidance on content

We are all well aware of how social media can be a vehicle for disseminating all sorts of unpleasantness, untruths and misinformations. We are also aware that many of the issues that we want to discuss are controversial – one of the reasons for setting up this blog is to encourage debate where it has been closed down or captured – and that some contributors will feel anxious about expressing opinions for fear of trolling and reprisals. Whilst we encourage comments to be owned by their authors, we acknowledge that some of you will feel more comfortable using a pseudonym to appear rather than your name. We accept that and undertake not to reveal names or contacts information should you wish. Likewise, we will not publish contributions that, in the opinion of the Editors, are defamatory, libellous or cast unsubstantiated aspersions on an individual. We will also abide by the rules of WordPress User Guidelines. As this is an evolving and uncertain area we will keep our options open and under review and we are trusting contributors to act with integrity and good sense. And just to remind you, those of us who are members of the BPS are bound by the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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Please email us if you have any problems accessing or navigating the blog and we will do our best to sort it out.